The treadmill is a fitness equipment that provides a moving surface to walk, jog and run. Though you do not move any actual distance it calculates the real distance you may have walked given the selected speed and specified time. The treadmill is a popular cardio or aerobic exercise tool known to provide a variety of health benefits.
The treadmill has various easy to use features which make it user friendly and appeal to seniors and youngsters alike. The treadmill provides various selections such as : speed, time , level of resistance, inclination. As you select your weight, speed and time the program reads out the number of calories you have burned at the end of each session.Other program features include :manual, cardio, uphill etc. One can also watch television , read books or listen to music while exercising on the treadmill. The treadmill provides a variety of features, is low maintenance and ocuppies less space making it an optimum fitness purchase for home or commercial use.The treadmill makes the activity of walking, jogging or running easier in an indoor environment due to lack of wind resistance. Treadmills also help:

• Avoid pollution

• Avoid  difficult weather conditions

• Avoid traffic and

• Provide workout at convenience of the user
The important aspects one must consider when purchasing a treadmill include:

• Availability of space

• Requirements of the user

• Budget constraints

• Check for authorized dealers

• Check programs and features

• Warranties provided

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