Spartagen XT Review 

Does This Natural Testosterone Booster Deliver?

I’ve been googling all about natural testosterone boosting supplements for quite some time, I always seem to end up disappointed in most products I have tried. A good friend of mine called me and told me he had been using this new testosterone enhancing supplement called Spartagen XT from EdgeBioactives for a several months and was shockingly surprised with the results he has been seeing.

Like other supplements, Spartagen XT claims to increase the free testosterone which in term will create more lean muscle mass, lose fat, increase your endurance and help you to regain your libido. But unlock other supplements, this one delivers.

spartagen xt

The Benefits

  • More Lean Muscle Mass With Maximum Power & Stamina
  • Enhanced Sexual Performance and Enhanced Libido
  • Increased Blood Flow & Energy

Basically, it helps the stuff that makes you being a guy, be a guy. So I took a chance, and ordered my own bottle to give it a fair try. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I have to say, it actually works!

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First let’s look at the proprietary ingredients:

Tongkat Ali 100:1

This ingredient binds itself to the normal sex hormone binding globulin so that globulin can’t attached to the free testosterone molecules, allowing you to use them naturally.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract:

Ramps up your testosterone production and signals the active release of the luteinizing hormone. This in turns signals the release of natural testosterone.

Butea Superba Extract:

This enhances male vitality and is considered an aphrodisiac in many cultures and increase androgenic activation.

Zinc 30mg:

Helps stimulate testosterone production in your body.


Inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which will increase your muscle growth.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract:

Increases natural testosterone levels while improving mental health.


An ancient a Peruvian aphrodisiac which helps prevent testosterone from converting to estrogen.

PLUS: Vitamin D 4,000IU, Vitamin E 80IU, Vitamin B6 12mg and Magnesium 50mg

My Experience Using Spartagen XT

While it’s recommended to take 2 capsules a day, I find that taking 1 with each meal (3 meals a day) has given me the best results.

The combination of ingredients above ensure that you have the maximum amount of natural fuel to maximize your physical and sexual performance.

Taken by themselves the active ingredients all have things that benefit me as a guy. But when you combine them together, it’s like it literally amplifies their effectiveness making the effectiveness of all the combined ingredients much greater than the parts.

Combined with a normal workout routine and the RedMagic ingredient is proven to raise your body’s free testosterone levels which will increase your libido, strength, sexual performance and stamina!

For me, I really did feel a pretty big boost in my energy level and my libido was certainly much better.

I am not sure how to test my level of free testosterone, but like I said it ‘felt’ like it was higher, so I guess that is what really matters anyways. I took this so that I would have more energy, feel younger and be more focused. So that part of it has definitely worked for me.

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The Advantages

  • The active ingredients are 100% natural.
  • While NOT a steroid, Spartagen XT forces your body to produce natural testosterone.
  • I am seeing and feeling real results.
  • You have the assurance that you can try it risk free.
  • There is a rock solid 90 day risk free, money back guarantee.
  • Plus much more…

The Disadvantages

  • It takes a couple of weeks to see and feel results.
  • The *Price is expensive at $69 per bottle (but you get what you pay for).

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Where to Buy Spartagen XT

You might be lured to purchase the Spartagen XT from a third-party, and it is highly advised not to do this. There are no certified sellers and there are lots of fake products which don’t work. Furthermore, you do not want to hang on any longer than required to begin feeling like a man once again. Opt for the only trustworthy source – the manufacturer.

There is a 14-day trial period to try out the product, and you already know where to purchase Spartagen XT. In case you don’t see good results, you may request your cash back via the company’s 90-day cash back guarantee.

Low Testosterone?

Tiredness, lack of sexual desire, loss of strength, inability to build muscle, osteoporosis, and obesity are all associated with reduced testosterone in men and women. These are all common problems of men and women aged 30 and over. Many people associate these problems with the typical issues that come with age and the general wear and tear that is put on our bodies.

Spartagen XT reviews

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However, because these problems are looked at as normal and typical in an aging person, male or female, little is done to counteract the issues. Many even feel there is nothing they are able to do in order to reclaim their sex life and fitness levels again, they have simply given up due to age.

This should not be the case. There are many things that can be done in order to help naturally counteract low testosterone levels. An improved diet can greatly assist the increase of natural testosterone by adding needed vitamins and minerals.

Avoiding chemicals and pesticides that is found on most conventionally grown foods is a huge step in conquering low testosterone. These chemicals often contain hormones that can interact with your body’s testosterone and convert it to estrogen, the exact process we are trying to combat. Taking a multivitamin can ensure your intake of these needed vitamins and minerals if a well-balanced diet is too far out of reach at the moment.

Exercise is also highly rated in naturally increasing testosterone in both males and females. Females should not worry about gaining excess muscle mass as the amount of testosterone produced by the female is significantly less than that produced by a male. The exercise should gradually increase to a vigorous workout and should include muscle building, stretching, and cardiovascular workouts to achieve a more balanced body free of excess fat.

The best way of increasing natural testosterone in the body is to become sexually aroused on a regular basis and be sure to looking into Spartagen XT. Because of the dramatic increase of testosterone levels in the blood following arousal, those suffering from low testosterone should aim to have at least one sexually arousing event each day. While this does not necessarily have to be sex with a partner, enjoying your sexuality each day is a great way to increase both your confidence and your testosterone.

If you are still suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone levels after changing your diet and lifestyle, discussing more options with your doctor might be a good idea. Together you can chart a more complete course of action to help you rebuild your normal testosterone levels.

Exercise to Increase Testosterone

One of the best ways to increase the testosterone levels naturally besides using  Spartagen XT is through exercises. However, you need to be careful as there are some restrictions as well. The reason behind this is there are some workouts that can lower down the testosterone levels too. For example ,working out for long hours can also deplete your testosterone levels. Also, extensive leg workout can reduce the testosterone levels.Testosterone with Exercise and Right Diet

As per the studies carried out on athletes performing endurance exercises for long hours had shown 85% lower levels of testosterone than people who are not involved in such exercises.

In other workouts like weight lifting, which is done for short period of time is effective in increasing testosterone levels. Short duration includes any exercise done for say couple of minutes or up till one hour.

However, one of the best ways to maintain the levels of HGH hormone and testosterone is to perform rigorous leg workouts for a shorter span. Sprinting can be a good example as it cannot be done for long hours. Sprinting can be done for not more than 5 minutes because of its intensity.

Do not land up spending hours together in a gym as doing endurance exercises can land you opting for testosterone supplements to reduce the after effects of the workouts.

Tips on Exercising to boost Testosterone

Compound Exercise

 If you are planning to increase your testosterone levels, only a stroll in the garden is not going help. You need to work out in the gym and need to sweat it out. Compound exercise that helps putting stress on some of your muscles can be of great help in boosting the production of testosterone.

Some of the examples include dead lifts, squats, chin ups, rows, military presses and bench press.

Training your Legs

Men tend to neglect their legs while they are working out. This is not advisable as one need to equally train your legs as you do for upper portion of the body. Leg exercises are more effective in boosting testosterone levels. However, remember intensive leg work outs for short spans are advisable and not prolonged work outs.

Restrict your Workout to 30-40 minutes

Some intense exercises can help to boost testosterone production, but over exercising can lead to increase in levels of Cortisol in the blood. This can also result in low testosterone levels. This is the reason why you should restrict your workout for 30-40 min during a single session. You also need to make your body rest after intense workout.

In conclusion, if your goal is to boost testosterone by exercising then make sure you go in for right exercises.

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My Final Thoughts

Spartagen XT really delivers on the promises it makes, which is rare for a supplement of this kind. All of the ingredients are proven to be effective at what they claim and together the combination of natural ingredients really make this product something special.

Suffice it to say that I am very happy with the results and have already ordered my next set o bottles (this time I ordered 6 so that I could enjoy over 51% in savings).

I suggest you do the same.




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