Proteins and Workout

Workout and nutrition go hand in hand in maintaining a healthy body. Apart from a healthy and nutritional intake it is also important that you eat at a proper time to maximize the benefits from your food intake. It has been observed that the body has specific nutritional requirements before, during and after a workout.

The ability to move to the next exercise session comes from what you eat. Having a snack after a workout will energize you for the next session of workouts. Not having a snack can perhaps lead to fatigue and lack of interest to continue. This is because after a workout specific hormones and enzymes which enable carbohydrate storage and muscle repair are at their peak. Eating at such a time provides you ample energy to effortlessly move to the next exercise or task you wish to pursue. If you train daily it is suggested not to skip your snack after a workout.

There are a variety of protein products meant for a post workout diet. Some protein products that are readily available include: protein bars, protein shakes, protein powders to name a few. Ever wondered why the nutrient protein overshadows the others in fitness meals? Here are some logical reasons:

1. The amino acids in protein help repair muscles and help the body recover from exercise.

2. Consuming protein after a workout helps enable protein synthesis which ensures repairs and rebuilding of muscle tissue.

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