Gout Patients Benefit from Exercise

Gout can be a very painful thing for many patients. Many sufferers would rather not think about adding exercise to their daily regime. Gout patients gain benefits from exercising on a regular basis, when added to a healthy diet.

How do you exercise?

Individuals who suffer from the pain of gout may wonder how to exercise. Gout affects many joints within the body, with much pain. Proper diet and exercise helps patients who have been diagnosed with the disease.

Starting a new exercise program should be done slowly. You should also proceed with care to avoid additional painful situations. This will allow you to progressively add new routines to your life, at a personal pace.

If a severe attack of gout occurs, it is recommended to cease from exercising. This will prevent additional pain and issues. Once the pain has subsided, begin to add more time to your daily regime.

What is the best exercise to do?

Gout patients receive the most benefits from doing range of motion exercises. This is achieved by adding strength training, stretching exercises, and endurance training. Yoga is a great alternative which covers each of these areas.

Stretching exercises are helpful because they stretch the muscles. This helps to prevent the buildup of uric acid within the body. This form of exercising will also help you with increasing your flexibility.

Strength training increases your strength. It also helps the body to build muscle mass which may have decreased during previous gout attacks. Begin with using light weights, and then increase over a period of time. Endurance will also result from adding this form of training.

Working on your range of motion actually helps diminish symptoms of gout. When a gout attack occurs, the body muscles will decrease and tighten limiting motion. This is the muscle’s way to protect itself from more pain. Adding range of motion exercises will help to increase your flexibility and relieve stiffness.

Diet is Equally Important

Diet is equally important when suffering from gout. Dietary changes will help the body to decrease the production of uric acid. Individuals should drink plenty of water and avoid foods that increase the chances of gout. A large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables should be included, along with nuts.

Adding exercise to the gout diet is the best way to start the recovery process. It is two pieces of the puzzle that must be put together to see the full picture. Seeing the full picture and using a plan of action will allow gout patients to take control of their lives. It is possible to overcome a diagnosis of gout and live life with the ones you love.

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