We all want to keep fit and the basic secret to fitness is breathing properly. Breathing properly means inhaling deeply, trying to completely fill your lungs. You will be surprised to see the positive effects of doing this one thing on your overall health. In fact, deep breathing will help make exercising easier for you.

Whatever forms of exercise you may follow, make sure that your regime is neither too flexible nor too rigid. The point is that you should be able to take a break whenever it is necessary, but a break should not put an end to your exercise regime altogether. Whenever, you stick to your routine treat yourself to your favorite thing (hopefully not high-cal food!) Ideally, you should have a mix of stretching, strengthening and low-impact aerobic conditioning exercise.

This combination of exercise will ensure that your current problems are healed and it will also protect you from any future problems. This is because your muscles will become stronger, more flexible and thus, the back pain causing muscles will be relieved. Moreover, you should eat simple and nutritious food to go along with your exercise.

The most basic of thing that you need to remember while you exercise is to wear appropriate clothes. If you are exercising outdoors, then go in for light colored clothes, as they will help you stay cool. And during winters, don’t forget to wear a cap, it will keep you warm! In fact, you have to also be very careful about your footwear. You can wear arch protection accessories and padding, as they will make you more comfortable. The thing is, if you are comfortable while exercising then you will automatically look forward to it everyday and thus it will become a regular part of your life!

However, you must always exercise carefully, especially after you have had an injury. It is important that you resume exercise slowly. Make sure that you do not overdo any exercise after a long gap. Be prepared for a little pain when you resume exercising but don’t worry, it will disappear in no time!

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