There is a wide variety of fitness equipments that are available across multiple platforms such as local retailers, online retailers etc. It is important to select the right type of fitness equipment that meets your fitness requirements adequately. Most fitness equipments provide a complete workout. A single fitness equipment can exercise the biceps, triceps, shoulders and the chest.

Before purchasing any fitness equipment it is important to assess the kind of workout you intend to pursue and the space you can mark for a home gym. You can also make choices between aerobic, cardio or weight training exercises that help exercise the body. After assessing these considerations you can choose from the following common exercise equipments.

Treadmills: are the most common home gym equipment that are used. They appeal to all age groups and provide a variety of options such as walking, jogging, running, walking uphill etc. These features make the treadmill a sought after fitness equipment.

Stationary Bikes – Stationary bikes provide cardio vascular training and burns calories as well. Minimum space requirement, low maintenance and simple features make the stationery bike an important fitness equipment.

Cross Country Training: this fitness equipment allows a variety of exercises without having any impact on the leg joints or knees.

Weight Training: include equipments such as: chest press, hip abduction, hip adduction, lateral pull and leg curl which work on the muscles and tone them.

Stair Steppers: this equipment simulates the activity of climbing stairs and is helpful in weight reduction.

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