Diet and Exercise

You must be wondering how you could avoid a range of diseases like cancer, osteoporosis and other problems like depression, anxiety, and obesity, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and untimely death. There is a simple solution to all these- walking. In addition, walking also takes care of osteoarthritis, diabetes, boosts HDL levels. Moreover, it will make your mood better and thus improve your overall health.

The main advantage of walking is that, it is a perfectly inexpensive form of exercise that will reap a million benefits. Statistically speaking, a brisk 30-minute walk burns about 200 calories whereas; a slow 30-minute walk burns around 100.

You might be finding it difficult to squeeze in time through your work schedule or tedious home activities, well you could park your car farther from your destination and walk up the distance or climb stairs instead of taking the elevator. Even such small things will prove to be highly beneficial to your health. Along with walking, also take care of your diet. With the correct diet and exercise combination, you can lose fat and gain muscle. So whether you are skinny or heavy right now, your ideal body is not far away if you eat the right food and exercise regularly.

Exercise is a must for everyone however, those who are moderately weighed find it easier to exercise as compared to those who are over-weight. This is because, over-weight people are more prone to fatigue, shortness of breath, which could affect their exercise regularity. However, let this not dissuade you from exercising if you are over-weight as it is only a matter of time before you lose your extra fat.

You must be inspired to lose a lot of weight now, but that doesn’t mean that you cut down on your food intake. You see food plays an essential role in providing you with energy but you should eat right. You should categorically avoid processed carbs like white bread, white rice and pure sugar as these are nutritionally low and are only helpful in giving you a quick boost of energy, which is harmful in the long run.

If you snack on healthy foods during the course of the day, you will be able to avoid binging durind dinner time which will be mentally and physically draining. Another important thing is to never skip your breakfast, however, small it may be. When you balance exercise and diet, weight loss and then maintenance becomes easy.

You can effectively cut down on your calories by avoiding sweetened foods, alcohol and foods that have a lot of fat. You could also cut your daily portions of all your food or eat smaller portions of high calorie foods. In fact, eat a lot of fruits and veggies.

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