Bikes or exercise cycles are also known as indoor bikes, studio cycles or stationery bicycles. These bikes are not used to commute but are popular fitness equipments which are used to perform aerobic exercises. The main benefits of exercising with the exercise cycle are:

• Improvement in cardio vascular health

• Improved blood circulation

• Effective in burning calories and reducing obesity

• Develops lung capacity

• Low impact on knees and leg joints.

• Fights pains and helps reduce anxiety, depression and stress.

• Maintains good health.

Buying an exercise cycle for a home gym can provide considerable health benefits. A bike at home provides you a workout at any time you wish to and is a healthy alternative to cycling along with an urban traffic. You must ensure you purchase an exercise cycle that fits your fitness and space requirements adequately because this is usually a one time decision. Exercise cycles are usually low maintenance and do not require much service to operate for years.

The advantages of purchasing an exercise cycle are: they are easy to use, low maintenance, portable, have adjustable seats and handles such that it can accommodate everybody irrespective of their size and height.

Bikes are essentially of two types: upright exercise bike and recumbent exercise bike. The main difference between the two is that the recumbent bikes provide back support whereas upright bikes are without any back support. Beginners can purchase a basic model whereas those who are more fitness oriented prefer the advanced models which are relatively expensive. It is advisable to purchase advanced models provided you intend to use the bike for a longer period of time.

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