5 Reasons A Trainer Can Help To Motivate You

Getting yourself fit can prove to be a challenge. Yet you can make it happen! Sadly, many of us don’t have the right mindset or the right workout program to get it all done. We also don’t have the best eating habits. Losing weight and getting into shape requires dedication and a holistic approach.

With personal trainers, you will have help to motivate you. Studies show the results are better for the long-term when you have expert help. Here are 5 reasons a trainer can help to motivate you.

Customised Plan of Action

A common mistake is just diving in to get fit. Many people are very excited about it but within a short period, they give up and go back to their old habits. They may have pushed too hard or they didn’t carve out time.

Personal trainers are going to help you create a plan of action for the long-term. They will take into account your current fitness level and your goals. You may wish to lose weight or you may want to get toned. Perhaps you would like to run a marathon next year and need more conditioning and endurance.

They can also discuss with you what you like and what you don’t. Exercising shouldn’t be a punishment. A common pitfall is forcing yourself to take part in workouts that you don’t enjoy. A trainer though is going to motivate you through encouraging you to take part in forms of exercise you do enjoy. Then you will look forward to the sessions and not avoiding them.

Personal trainers will also talk to you about your overall health and your eating habits. They can help you with meal planning so you are giving your body what you need. Changing what you consume means you don’t go hungry but you cut the intake of empty calories.

Challenge you

As your fitness improves, you can take on more challenging workout sessions. The goal should be to help you continue to move forward. Not only in terms of time spent working out but in what you carry out at each session. Personal trainers can help you focus and to continue to challenge yourself.

It doesn’t matter where you start, only that you keep moving forward. They will encourage you to get a few more minutes of cardio or to complete a few more reps. All of this is building up your strength and your endurance.

Show you

Working out correctly is important. Too often, injuries occur because a person doesn’t know the right way to do the movements for a given exercise. Personal trainers will take the time to show you the proper form. Remembering to bend the knees, lift with your legs and not the back, and to warm up before you work out all make a difference.

They will also be there to spot you so you don’t take on too much weight at once. They will show you the correct way to use machines and to add/remove weight. They are going to encourage you to be safe every step of the way.


When you work with personal trainers, you have more accountability. You can’t just make an excuse and not show up for a session. They are going to follow-up with you and get you back on track. When you aren’t accountable to anyone but yourself, it is easier to blow off a workout because no one else will even know.


A trainer is going to be very encouraging, and that motivates you to continue. They will help you to focus on what you have achieved and not on how far you still need to go. They will help you to keep track of the small victories along the way. Each of them will be a stepping stone on your way to reaching your last fitness goals.

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